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The world is changing. Isn’t it about time we changed too?

Water is the most precious resource on the planet. Coral reefs are the rainforests of the sea. The foundation of the marine ecosystem. The facts are clear: our world is getting warmer and our oceans are growing more acidic.

150 million tons of plastic are estimated to be currently circulating in our oceans. Every year, 8 million tons more are added. Every day, the oceans are flooded with toxic chemicals that enter the aquatic food chain. Chemical SUNSCREEN pollution threatens the coral reefs.

In 20 years nearly all coral reefs will have disappeared. World leadership is failing. Corporations are failing. Humans are the cause… but humans can also be the solution if we reconsider our actions and habits. Consume less. Recycle. Make better choices.


EPO9 was formed four years ago by a collection of surfers, scuba divers, snorkelers, swimmers and outdoor enthusiasts who worship the sun but really care about, and want to protect, the oceans and marine environment which brings us so much joy. Eponine Labs, LLC was incorporated in June 2022. Its mission is to manufacture a sunscreen that is truly non-toxic to the marine eco-system and ​will afford the user the highest standard of skin protection from the sun's harmful UV rays.

People chose Coral Sure Sunscreen for its broad spectrum protection and non-toxic, moisturizing properties. Learn more at

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